What is a Full Service & Auto Repair Workshop?

Another name for a Full Service & Auto Repair Workshop is
A “Complete” Workshop where they provide an auto mechanical service working on all makes and modelled vehicles carrying out general car servicing and car repairs in one place, saving you time and money.Workshop picture 5
Complete Auto Repairs Dunedin South’s Trusted Mechanics is one of these workshop that are available to provide you with all your motoring needs directly or can organize additional services such as Specialist work; tyres; car battery; auto transmission servicing; exhaust and muffler; etc as required.

Typically a full service & auto repairs workshop will provide services such as Warrant of Fitness; Service; Brakes; Cv Boots; Tune-up; Radiator Service; Suspension; Engine Diagnostics for computer fault finding etc. Basically anything that is car related with servicing or any auto repairs. Make contact with us at Complete Auto Repairs and we will do our best to help you in your quest for “Happy Motoring” knowing you are using mechanics that have earned the reputation of being trusted and doing what is best by you and your car.
Having your ownWorkshop picture 3 regular local Full Service & Auto Repairs Workshop at the tip of your finger is peace of mind because you get to know the people that will be working on your vehicle which builds up a trust between both parties. The workshop gets to know what you want and what your requirements are as not everybody wants the same things. We can cater to each and every individual giving you what you want and require, therefore ensuring that you receive consistent service; convenience; reliability and value for money.

Complete Auto Repairs is equipped with all the tooling; equipment; Mechanics and technicians to complete all your car repairs and regular maintenance schedules.
Contact us by either phone 03 4553258; Call in or email us info@completeautorepairs.co.nz for an appointment and we will go from there to what best suits you!!!