• Oil is the lifeblood of your engine
  • Premature engine failure can result from not changing your oil
  • Regular oil change cycles can be based on both time and /or mileage
  • Let us help you decide what best suits your vehicle

What does my engine oil do?

  • Your engine oil ensures the internal parts of your engine operate with maximum lubrication and minimum friction.
  • Contrary to popular belief to maximise the quality of your oil your service cycles should not be based solely on mileage.
  • The type of use your vehicle gets will best determine the cycles but the general rule of thumb is every 6 months or 10,000 k/ms
  • Your oil also contributes to keeping your engine at the right operating temperature and in doing so extends the life of your engine.

Why should I change my oil?

  • If you don’t change your engine oil many of the additives included with modern engine oils may separate or degrade resulting in major engine failure.
  • Short running of an engine can result in a much reduced life cycle of your engine oil compared to longer hot running.
  • Let our experts help determine the best cycle for you. We also provide an efficient reminder service to ensure these cycles are not overlooked.

What type of oil do I need?

  • There are many different grades of oil available these days but we will ensure the right grade and type specified for your vehicle is used
  • Diesel vehicles often also use different types of oil and it is essential the correct type is used
  • We use and recommend only the best oils and our expert staff all receive regular training and support to ensure we keep up with changes of product specification

A wise man once said:

“It is cheaper to change your oil than change your engine”

At Complete Auto Repairs our skilled technicians will ensure the correct cycles are followed and the correct lubricants are used. During this maintenance service we also undertake a comprehensive inspection and check all of the fluid levels in your vehicle.

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