• Your cars air condition system while providing an excellent ability to keep you cool on hot days and keep the moisture off your windscreen requires much more maintenance than most realise
    • The gas required to ensure your air condition system operates efficiently requires regular refilling to ensure it operates effectively
    • Automotive air condition systems can lose up to 10 -15% of the gas (required to make them operate) every year
    • Your air condition system should be checked every two years to ensure it operates as required
    • The gas in your air condition system also contains a lubricant which also must be checked to ensure the mechanical components operate as required
    • The safety aspects of a well maintained air con system are often overlooked. Your air conditioning system helps control in-car humidity that could otherwise make the driver drowsy, and one push of the A/C button works to quickly demist a foggy windscreen – especially handy if you have just picked up a load of kids who are wet and dirty after their morning sport commitments or it is just another damp day
    • Booking in your vehicle for an air conditioning service check can also save you a lot of money! In some vehicles if the gas runs too low it will damage your air conditioning pump which will cost thousands to fix!

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