• Your exhaust system not only ensures your vehicle operates within the legal requirements associated with a WOF but also ensures any unpleasant and toxic exhaust fumes do not leak into the passenger compartment
  • Your exhaust system also now has a catalytic convertor to help filter dangerous gas from entering the atmosphere

What does my exhaust system do?

  • The exhaust system transfers exhaust gas from the engine to the atmosphere
  • Your exhaust system ensures the engine noise is kept to a minimum
  • Your exhaust filters dangerous gas from entering the atmosphere
  • Your exhaust system ensure all passengers are not affected by unpleasant odours and toxic gases

How do I know if there is a problem?

  • Your engine may be suffering from a lack of performance
  • You may be able to detect a strange smell inside the vehicle
  • Your vehicle may seem excessively noisy
  • There may be a strange rattle under your vehicle
  • You may see a strange warning light appear on your dash panel

How can we help?

  • Our fully trained and experienced staff can repair or replace your exhaust
  • We can repair or modify your exhaust as required
  • We can check for any minor leaks and attend to them before they become a major failure

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