• It’s so important that when you are selecting the tyres for your vehicle that you invest in the best. Your safety and that of your family and other passengers depends on it!
  • We provide a full selection of tyres to meet your needs. We recognise that we all have individual driving habits and our staff are all trained and will ensure the right tyre for the right purpose is recommended

Why are tyres important?

  • Your tyres provide the grip to the road that ensures you can drive, go around corners and stop when you need to
  • Worn tyres often lead to a loss of traction or skidding often leading to catastrophic events
  • Your tyres when kept at the correct pressure and when wheels are aligned to ensure they make contact with the road as the manufacturer designed them greatly assist your fuel economy often saving as much as 5%
  • Your vehicle will ride and drive much better when your tyres are inflated correctly
  • Tyres when balanced correctly eliminate steering wheel shudder

Legal Requirements:

  • Your tyres are required by law to have at least 1.5mm of tread depth across the major tread design of your tyres
  • Your tyres are not allowed to have any structural cuts or damage to the side or tread of the tyre
  • Your tyres are not allowed to have any of the steel cord exposed at anytime
  • Failure to keep your tyres in good condition may affect your insurance policy

What we do:

  • We can supply and fit the best tyres available to suit your needs
  • We can balance your tyres to eliminate shudder and/or vibration
  • We can provide a wheel alignment service that ensures your tyres are all pointing in the right direction
  • We can rotate your tyres to ensure consistent and even tyre wear
  • We check and report on your tyres with all of our service schedules

What now:

Contact us now and arrange a time for us to check your tyres. We provide a comprehensive service to ensure all of your tyres and alignment requirements are provided at very competitive rates.

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