• Automatic Transmission servicing will help extending the life of your transmission and in most cases provide smoother gear changes
  • Automatic transmissions need flushing & servicing every two years or 40,000kms
  • If you often use your vehicle to tow or carry heavy loads then the service should be carried out more often as this can cause early transmission failure

Why do I need to service my transmission?

  • Contrary to what you may think, the most common cause of mechanical failure in cars is not the engine, but the transmission
  • Servicing of automatic transmissions is often neglected and rarely considered part of preventative maintenance
  • The cost of servicing your transmission by changing the fluid and filter is negligible compared to the cost of a transmission overhaul
  • It is easy get confused as fluid leaks from the transmission are often thought to be oil coming from the engine. Airflow can cause oil to be blown around the transmission. If you are seeing any fluid that is red in colour, then it is most likely from the transmission

What is involved?

  • We will access your computer (if you have one) and check for any electronic fault codes that may be present
  • We drain the fluid from the transmission
  • Where applicable we remove the transmission pan and inspect for signs of wear (metal or debris in the pan)
  • We replace the transmission filter
  • We refill the transmission with new fluid
  • We road test the vehicle ensuring the transmission functions satisfactorily

How do I know if my transmission requires attention?

  • You may have a delay when taking off
  • The transmission may shudder between gear changes
  • There may be a delay between gear changes
  • You may lose drive intermittently
  • Reverse gear may not operate correctly

What happens if my transmission fails?

  • Your vehicle will no longer drive
  • A transmission may contain between 8-15 litres of fluid, so a transmission fluid leak doesn’t need long to cause major damage
  • The transmission will then cook from the inside out like a microwave!
  • Transmission overhauls can be very expensive


  • If you’ve just purchased a car, we would highly recommend you prioritize a transmission flush and replacement of transmission fluid as soon as possible
  • If you do a lot of towing you may need and extra fluid cooler fitted. Our experts can advise you of any such requirement
  • Let our experts help advise you of the cycle and type of service best suited to your needs and requirements

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