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Our Experience

Michael has been fully qualified in the service, compliance and installation of LPG systems and is probably one of the most skilled technicians currently working on these systems in Dunedin. His knowledge and experience ensures all staff employed by us, are trained to the highest possible standards. We are also the only LPG service outlet that can also provide the fuel onsite.

What is LPG?

LPG is actually Liquefied Petroleum Gas.

This is a general description of Propane (chemical formula C3H8) and Butane (chemical formula C4H10), either stored separately or together as a mix.

It called Liquefied Petroleum Gas because these gases can be liquefied at normal temperature by application of a moderate pressure increase, or at normal pressure by application of cooling using refrigeration.

LPG is a good substitute for petrol in any spark controlled ignition engines. Its clean burning properties give reduced exhaust emissions in a properly tuned engine.

The clean burning properties and portability of LPG provide a substitute for other fuels such as wood, coal, and other organic matter.

LPG is: Colourless – Odourless – Flammable. – Heavier than air. Approximately half the weight of water. – Non toxic but can cause asphyxiation.

LPG expands upon release and 1 litre of liquid will form approximately 250 litres of vapour.

What Does it Cost?

LPG cost comparison as at September 2012

Cost per Litre

Petrol 98 Octane = $2.36
Petrol 95 Octane = $2.16
Petrol 91 Octane = $2.07
Diesel = $1.32
LPG = $1.19 (Incl)

(source Fuelsaver.govt.nz)

Conversion Costs

Typical LPG conversion for 4 to 8 cylinder cars can cost from as little as $3,000 plus GST

Costs will always vary on vehicle but we can always provide an accurate quote for any application you may require.
Savings Example

Vehicle – Holden Commodore V6 (2004)

Travels an average annual distance of 25000k/m
Costs an approximate $110.00 per week on petrol

Advertised Fuel Consumption 11.5 ltr / 100km = 2875 litres / year
(source – fuelsaver.co.nz)

Price of petrol (95octane) $2.28 x 2875 litres = $6555.00 per year
Price of LPG $1.25 x 3150 litres = $3937.50 per year
(Please note all vehicles use slightly more LPG than petrol hence the increase in fuel required)

Savings = $2617.50 per year or $50.33 per week


Contact us today for details and sources of finance packages that suit your needs and requirements

Services We Provide

• Installations
• Servicing
• Warrants
• Fault Finding
• Certification
• Fuel Supply

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of converting to LPG?

It costs less to purchase LPG than petrol
Commercial users can attract bulk purchase pricing
Reduce CO2 or particulate emissions
Comparable performance expectations with alternative fuels
Extended fuel range due to the petrol being available as a backup if required
Reduce engine wear and tear by not leaving carbon behind

What type of finance is available?

Loans are available and in some cases interest free – Please contact us for details

What type of system do I need?

We can provide you with the system that best suits your specific needs and requirements. Just contact us for advice.

How much does it cost?

Costs vary for different vehicles and systems but installations can start from as little as $3000.00 +GST

What vehicle would best suit LPG?

This is a common question but very difficult to have a general answer. It is better that you contact us and discuss your vehicle requirements before we can provide options for you. Please contact us for this complimentary service

How much will I save?

As shown above you could save as much as $2617.50 per year but it does depend on your particular use. Normally you would expect to save between 30% – 50% on fuel costs.

Does it take long to convert a vehicle?

It normally takes up to two days to completely install a system but we will work with you over time frames to ensure all goes smoothly.

Will LPG affect the performance?

Most modern vehicles will perform on a par on either LPG or petrol. Studies have shown that there is a minimum drop off in maximum power with a Toyota Camry dropping from 103 K/W on petrol to 101 K/W on LPG @ 4000 rpm but unless you are a boy racer demanding maximum power you are unlikely to notice any difference at all

Will I use more fuel?

It is normal for fuel use to increase by up to 10% compared to petrol but this is more than offset by the fuel costs.

Do I need more servicing?

No more servicing should be required if you run on LPG. You should just continue to follow the vehicles manufacturers service schedule.

What compliance rules need followed?

The LPG system currently has a 12 month WOF system specific to the system. This system is separate to your normal vehicle WOF.
Your tank carries a 10 year certificate and will require an internal and external certification test on this 10 year cycle.

How much boot space will I lose?

This does depend on the size of the tank however on some vehicles a donut style tank can be fitted into the spare wheel well although this will require relocation of the wheel or the provision of an alternative puncture option.

How safe are LPG vehicles?

All LPG systems have many safety features built in. They have two emergency shut off valves and modern injected vehicles also have safety alerts built into their systems. There are many rules and regulations to ensure the safety of everyone around this gas.

Can I get LPG in the country?

LPG Autogas is now widely available throughout NZ