• A timing belt is located in the front of your engine and it’s job is to ensure your engine’s valves remain in sync/time with the rest of your engine
  • The belt is normally fully enclosed by plastic covers to prevent stones or other foreign objects causing problems
  • Timing belt failure can have catastrophic results so should be replaced as per manufacturers specification

How long will my belt last?

  • Timing belts have various life expectancy depending on respective manufacturer
  • Some belts require replacement every 40,000 k/m while others may last 150,000 k/m
  • Ten year cycles are also advised in general
  • Our experts can advise you of your vehicles specific requirements

What happens if my belt breaks?

  • If you relate your belt to your bike chain – when your chain breaks your bike stops – when your belt breaks your engine stops
  • Because your belt controls the internal engine components if the belt breaks the valves will most likely hit the pistons causing major engine damage

What does it cost?

  • The costs incurred to replace a timing belt differ greatly from car to car. Our experts can give you a more accurate price simply by contacting us
  • If your belt breaks you will most likely be looking at major engine repairs and it will be costly
  • It is much cheaper to invest in regular maintenance rather than deal with the consequence of failure

Will I get any warning before failure?

  • Normally the belt will give no warning of impending failure
  • It is much easier to have your belt checked if you are unsure of when/if it was replaced

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