• Living in Dunedin we are more susceptible to premature or regular brake issues than most centres around NZ
  • Warning signs of brake issues may include brake squeal, brakes pulling to one side, shuddering steering wheel when applying the brakes or a warning light may appear on your dash panel

What can go wrong with my brakes?

  • The brake fluid that makes your brakes operate absorbs moisture and requires regular maintenance to avoid brake failure
  • The brake friction material wears with use and loses performance
  • Brake discs and drums can wear causing poor brake performance
  • Brake discs and drums can distort with heat and cause brake shudder
  • Your brake hoses can crack or leak causing fluid loss and brake failure
  • Your brake pipes can corrode causing fluid loss and brake failure
  • Excess wear can cause brakes to pull to one side which can cause an accident

How do I know I need my brakes check or repaired?

  • Your steering wheel may shudder when you apply the brakes
  • Your brakes may squeal when applied
  • Your vehicle may steer to one side when applying your brakes
  • The brake pedal may travel too far before the brakes operate
  • Your brake performance may deteriorate when the brakes are hot
  • A warning light may appear on your dash display

How often should I get my brakes checked?

  • Regular servicing by us will in most cases give us an idea of the condition of your brakes.
  • Do not rely solely on the WOF inspection as it is more of a performance check on the day
  • Your brake fluid should be changed at least every 2 – 3 years
  • If ever you feel something different about your brakes

What normally happens when I get my brakes checked?

  • We remove all the wheels and check all linings, discs or drums
  • We check all hydraulic components
  • We check the brake fluid condition
  • We replace components as required

How long do my brakes last?

  • This varies greatly on the type of use
  • Dunedin and our hills make brake wear quite high
  • Try and use a lower gear when coming down a hill to extend the life of your brakes

What does it cost to repair my brakes?

  • This varies drastically from job to job. The more regular you have your brakes checked the less it normally costs in the long term. We only use quality brake components to ensure you get the best value for money
  • There are many cheaper budget type brake pads and shoes on the market but most do not suit our extreme hilly use

Please contact us as soon as you feel your brakes are not performing as they usually do! We will be able to arrange a booking for us to check and report on your brakes.

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