• All vehicles with a manual gearbox will require maintenance and possible repair to their clutch at some stage
  • Maintenance can be as simple as a minor adjustment or replacement of the hydraulic fluid
  • Clutch failure is a very common cause of mechanical failure particularly in the hilly environment of Dunedin

What does my clutch do?

  • The clutch allows the driver to smoothly change gears
  • The clutch ensures the engine transfers all of its power to the wheels
  • The clutch allows the car to stop moving with the engine running while still in gear

How do I know my clutch needs attention?

  • You may have trouble selecting gears
  • The gearbox may “crunch” when changing gears
  • The car may shudder when taking off
  • The engine may rev high when going up a hill
  • The clutch pedal may not seem to travel as far as it should

What is involved in servicing my clutch?

  • The cable or linkage may require a simple adjustment
  • The hydraulic fluid may need changed or topped up
  • A simple road test to determine the clutch condition and performance

Useful tip

  • Driving habits can also be a huge factor to the life of your clutch and the need for clutch repairs, particularly if you ride the clutch. This is where you needlessly keep the clutch partially disengaged by resting your foot on the clutch pedal (often without realising) causing the clutch to be slip on the flywheel causing premature wear.
  • There is no average life to a clutch. It is dependant on type of use by the driver and terrain. Feel free to call in and see our experts for an appraisal of your clutch

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