• Your car battery not only provides the power to start your engine but with most modern cars now having computers to enhance their performance the battery takes on even more importance
  • Faulty or flat batteries are the most common cause of roadside rescue callouts
  • We are an authorised Century Battery supplier and stockist and our fully trained staff can provide expert service and advice to keep your battery up to speed

How long will my battery last?

  • Our batteries come with a full and comprehensive 3 year warranty
  • Most batteries when fully and regularly maintained should last around 5 years
  • The most crucial aspect of battery life is actually choosing the right battery for your vehicle

How do I know if my battery needs attention?

  • Your vehicle may be hard to start on cold mornings
  • If a white powder appears around the top of your battery
  • If your vehicle engine will not turn over
  • If after using your radio or other accessories without the motor running you need to charge your battery regularly
  • We have the latest digital car battery tester which tests how much life is left in your battery

How do I know what sort of battery to choose?

  • Let our fully trained staff help you choose the right battery for your needs
  • There are plenty of bargain priced batteries on the market but often they do not suit your vehicle

We do have a roadside rescue service anywhere in New Zealand available at Auto Super Shoppes. So if you ever find yourself stuck on the side of the road with a flat battery, or any other mechanical fault you can call us. The next time you come in and see us, ask about our 6 month or 12 month options.

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