• The highest on-going cost to driving is how much it costs you to fill up at the pump. Fuel prices aren’t getting any cheaper, and will likely continue to rise with time, so it pays to keep a close eye on how much fuel your vehicle is using
  • Protection of environment is also very important and the condition of your vehicle may have an impact on the environment

What affects fuel economy?

  • The state of engine tune is the major contributing factor to fuel consumption
  • There are many items in your engine that require maintenance and servicing that can reduce your fuel consumption such as:

1. Spark Plugs
2. Air Filter
3. Oxygen Sensor
4. Tyre pressures

  • Driving habits can also contribute to excessive fuel consumption
  • Use of your air condition system can contribute to high fuel consumption
  • Driving with the windows up can help reduce fuel consumption
  • Using the correct fuel is very important – let us advise you on this

How can I reduce emissions?

  • Ensure your vehicle is well tuned
  • We have modern emission testing equipment to test the emissions of your vehicle and ensure it is running efficiently

What should I do?

Contact us and arrange a time for us to undertake an emission test on your vehicle and we can then provide you with any suggested action plan to ensure you not only use less fuel but you reduce you carbon footprint

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