Winter weather driving tips

Winter can be tough on lots of things, including cars and trucks. Cold temperatures, snow and ice, road grit and potholes-causing

freeze-thaw cycles put car batteries, tyres, brakes, and suspension to the test.

So to help get through the winter months, conscientious vehicle maintenance is key so we suggest getting a pre winter check up!

First and foremost you want to make sure your car is road worthy and has a current warrant of fitness.

Further to that get your brakes, including brake linings / disc pads, brake lines, hoses, handbrake and brake fluid condition checked. Low brake fluid can be an indicator of excessive brake wear or fluid leak.

To get your tyres, including the spare checked is another good idea as the cold weather can reduce the tyre pressures, so make sure all tyres are properly inflated, balanced and that the wheels are properly aligned.

A tune up to get your car in great working condition for winter motoring should also include checking all coolant hoses, testing anti-freeze condition & %, all drive belts, suspension / shock absorbers, battery condition etc. Batteries have to work harder when it’s cold and winter can compromise their cranking performance up to 60 %. Batteries become weak over time so we recommend especially those batteries more than three years old to be tested.

More frequent checks of the windscreen wipers, including the rear for wear and tear is recommended, monitoring the fluid level in the reservoir bottle to be kept full in winter is required for safe winter motoring.

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Make sure your car’s heating and defrosting systems are in good working condition for when you find the windscreen is covered in ice.

We use our lights a lot more in the winter so making sure they are all working and shining brightly to be as visible as possible is another safety precaution.

Having the exhaust system checked for any leaks so that carbon monoxide which is very harmful and even fatal cannot leak into the vehicle while having the engine running to keep warm.

Complete Auto Repairs can do all of these things and more.

So why not give us a ring or drop in to our reception area and let us take the hassle out of it for you.

Happy Motoring!!!!