From January 1 next year light vehicles first registered between 2004 and 2008 will have an annual WOF check instead of the current six-monthly inspection.

From July 1 next year annual inspections will be extended to include all light vehicles first registered on or after January 1 2000.

From July 1 next year new vehicles will receive an initial inspection, another when they’re three years old, then annual inspections for their lifetime.

Vehicles first registered before January 1 2000 will remain on six-monthly inspections for their lifetime.


If you have any questions or are unsure, please contact us . We are here to help you to make the transition smooth and stress free.

The key to these changes to our warrant of fitness inspection schedules being successful and keeping our roads safe is regular servicing and vehicle maintenance.


Complete Auto Repairs is committed to helping you to achieve this. We have introduced a range of servicing options to your match budget. These include routine safety checks so we can both play our part in making sure our vehicles are maintained to a WOF safety standard.

Our doors are always open to any enquires or you can simply check out our servicing options.

Part of our open door policy includes checking things out at the time e.g your car starts making a funny noise or the brakes start squeaking. Just call in and we will have a look and book you an appointment if necessary.

Let’s continue working together on our journey to safer motoring.

The team at Complete Auto Repairs